Stranger Things Season 5 has been Cancelled- And Here Is Why.

Since its introduction in July 2016, Stranger Things has been the flagship series on Netflix. Each season has gone from strength to strength, growing more and more in popularity with every new release. Fans have been captivated by the teen romance, horror elements, and most of all the characters. Unfortunately, the Duffer brothers have reportedly cancelled their fifth season, due to a multitude of reasons.

After a fan-favourite character Eddie Munson tragically died in season 4, the fanbase was in mourning. Entire songs were written by the grieving fans- but a lot of the other members were angry at the Duffers, signing petitions to bring the character back in the Fifth season. But most shockingly of all, a petition to cancel season 5, not only due to this character…

Quoting the Duffer brothers,