Snapchat is adding a view friends list option on October 1st

Snapchat users are fighting over the new option update where you can see others friend list for Snapchat that will be released October 1st, 2022. College student Bryant Rhymes made a petition for the app to not have this new feature (Which only has 2,000 signatures) while others are simply enjoying the idea of Snapchats newest update. What do you think? Snapchat came out and announced this on September 23, 2022, just earlier this week. The petition has been said to be removed from social media because the new app feature will not be taken down due to people having second thoughts about it. Some people say itโ€™s an invasion of privacy, while others state that they can now see their significant others best friend list. Although trust is key, it might be interesting to see someone elseโ€™s friend list and the people contained on it. What do you think?

NOTICE: It has been confirmed by Snapchat that you can only see someoneโ€™s friend list if they are on yours.