Noah schnapp have feelings for Millie Bobby Brown

Noah confirmed that he developed feelings for Millie Bobby brown sense they met. Millie would always tell Noah that they were best friend and how she always loved their friendship so that made Noah afraid to confess his feelings to Millie. Well Millie saw what Noah said and it became pretty awkward their friendship, they stopped talking to each other for a few weeks until Millie talked to Noah, Millie friend zoned Noah, but she told him that she also liked him when they first met but also really liked their friendship so she just decided to forget these feelings and just try to be friends. Noah felt really embarrassed with that situation and told the guys who recorded Him say that he had feelings for her to delete the video, then after that Noah asked Millie to not text him for a few days because he needed some time. Millie got so upset that she cried, Cried a lot, Millie told in her newest interview that she Dosen’t understand why Noah told her he need time, and that she said that she knows that it was really awkward but he didn’t need to know try to stop talking to her.