Noah Beck a Andrew Tate supporter? Larray Racist? Noah and Larray dating?

Recently on the “Put A Sock In It” Podcast, hosts Larray and Noah, they pair revealed some QUESTIONABLE things about themselves. Noah openly admits that he feels bad for Andrew Tate and that he believes Andrew ATE deserves a second chance the excuse is that he likes to see both sides however, he doesn’t seem to argue for the other side much throughout the podcast. Furthermore, Larray admits that he dislikes white people when he is talking about who would not want to be stuck in an elevator with he then proceeds to bring up Mario Selman who has recently been exposed for hanging out with child predator and world best straight seducer, James Charles, but I’m not getting paid enough to be talking about that fiend plus Mario Selman also has been exposed for going on a 2 MONTH BREAK! When he promised his audience new videos weekly! This is honestly an embarrassment first we have Larray taking breaks for his mental health but are we sure? Rumours in Noah’s and Larray’s communities have been going around that the pair are seeing each other and Dixie D’amilo is also in on it to allow Noah to stay hidden. You might be asking why would Noah need to hide his sexuality and relationship well, for all the REAL FANS we know that Noah is from belongs to a well-settled Christian family from Arizona, United States. He is known to have American nationality and belongs to Christianity, which could likely mean that he is scared of what his parents might think due to them being Christian who knows Noray shippers I mean if it is true Larray 100% has a type looking at Noah and Brady Potter ( Sorry it’s cringe but the producers don’t pay me to make ship names). Anyway, I kind of went on a ramble back to Larry admitting he dislikes white people however the reason is unknown. While the black gay one is talking about the white gay one he says he hates white people, particularly GAY white people. I’ll be back when the apology videos are up.

Hey Barbs, this is all for fun no hate for Larray or Noah and none of this is true just having some fun or am I only one way to find out here is the link to the podcast on youtube: Unfortunately, the video has since been removed but, why? Okay, Barbs let’s head to Twitter and raid this place I’m honestly confused. (And yes I am the originator of the barbs. Puur