Margot Saves young girl now famous

Margot Coleshill a 10 year old girl saved a young girl who was only 4 years old from getting run over . Margot states “It’s what I had to do ,I had no time time to think so I just did and yes ,I know it could have got me killed but I just couldn’t witness a girl that age die.”
Reporters gone mad to interview her .Another one of the Witnesses which was Margot’s mum says “I’m so proud and shocked I don’t know how she did it ,it’s just AMAZING,” Margot’s brother says “I’m so proud of my little sister (I’m so going to tell all my friends about it).” One more of the witnesses was Barbra Lincoln ( the mother of the little girl says “I’m so grateful she was there I have no way to repay her but I’ll definitely try to I’ll do anything I can .”She says whilst still crying from shock The little girl had no injuries but Margot Coleshill did sprain her ankle not that badly though