Loann Kaji, mother of Ryan Kaji, dies because of falling down in the inflatable slide :(

Kieu Loan Thi Nyugen Guan Kaji, mother of Ryan Haruto Guan Kaji, suddenly fall down so hard due because she fainted. This happened during a challenge she was involved, and when it was her turn, she was nervous, she wanted to win and was panicking, until someone shouted: Your a loser Loann! And once she heard it she got upset. Her teamates and other people in the challenge was shocked to see Loann in te floror, beaten and hurted, with body organs and parts broken and blood flowing out. She was rushed to the hospital by her husband Shion and the doctor said that she cannot do anything for Loann to be in full recovery. She died at September 23, 2022, now her coffin being held by a funeral with family and friends.
Her husband Shion, said ( I’ll miss you my love, I won’t forget the times where we are together. I know you are in our hearts. Starting from now, i’ll be a single dad raising three kids.
Her son, Ryan said, *crying* I’m so sad that this happen to my mommy, I remember all the things you did to make me feel happy since I was young. I hope this tragedy didn’t happen to our family. Rest In peace. My twin sisters are crying looking for you.

#RIPLoann #accident # fake news #HAHAHALOL
P.S: All of this news information is fake, not true. It did not come from any credible news websites. I only did this for entertainment and prank. Please don’t take this seriously. I don’t hurt or poke fun at Ryan’s family for any purposes. Thank you! πŸ™‚ And have a good day!