Kaylee Brazell found dead 2018

13yo Kaylee Brazell found dead in family home. From what we have been told she had been murdered by her stepfather David Faulkenberry. She was found stabbed to death in her room. Her mother had not known because supposedly she had been at work at that time. Family said they have seen her around their home her brother had thought she was asleep on the couch grandpa seen him vigorously shaking a pile of blankets unknowingly thinking it was her. In other accounts classmate and teachers assign seats and work to her because they see her when she is not there. Scientists believe she is dead but thinks she is still alive the work gets done but her funeral was in oct. 18 2018. Rest in peace Kaylee. Her mother ran away after hearing said news leaving her clueless grief filled brothers behind with their grandparents. To this day many people still see her and talk to her she does not know she has passed. If you see and or talk to said girl in the future explain to her that she has passed because she’s dead but still here.