The YouTube, Tiktok star Jentzen Ramirez was found dead in the backyard of Piper Rockelle’s house. Jentzen was on of Pipers best friend. Jentzen was apart of the squad, Jentzen joined the squad with his best friend Lev Cameron. Jentzen started dating Sophie Fergi and had his first kiss with her on camera. After Sophie Fergi left the squad Elliana Walmsley joined to fill in for Sophie. Jentzen caught feelings fast Elliana. They started dating after Jentzen Ramirez’s YouTube video telling her that he likes her blew up on YouTube. Jentzen and Elliana were seen in public many of times and were always in each others videos doing pranks and Q+A’s. Elliana and Jentzen argued a lot about Elliana on the popular game “Roblox”. Jentzen always saw Elliana with a Roblox boyfriend and didn’t like and always confronted her about it. When he did that Elliana did not take it kindly and went off on Jentzen. Elliana chased Jentzen around Piper’s house with a big butcher Knife. Elliana manged to catch up with Jentzen and Police found 15 stab wounds on Jentzen. They digged up holes in the backyard to find his body. When the squad found out Elliana was kicked out and sent to jail for first degree murder and was charged 15 hundred dollars. Elliana will have her sentencing on June 5th.