gay pms 2022 #2: 9/7 interviews

Here are some of the interviews of the tragedy happening at PMS.

6th grade lydi: yeah so like i saw them when they were going to lunch i think theyre in seventh or something anyway i have to go break up with my bf so bye

Thank you Lydi for that helpful info! it seems they are in seventh grade.

interview #2:

8th grade anon: yeah i saw this homo causing trouble earlier and it scared me and my friends. we are very scared and want to go home we were hiding in the bathroom earlier.

Well now onto our third and final interview

anon: yeah i saw them with their scary gay jeans and homohair. i skipped class to get away. anyway they were wearing jeans that all i know other than they are g-g-gay (uwu)

Well thats all for now! if you would like and interview we will be waiting and open for interviews in your basement. thats all for now bye