Ariana Grande had a scary death

Yesterday, a stalker was seen outside of Ariana Grande’s house. He had a note in his hand, and was ringing the doorbell. When Ariana finally answered, she took the note. It said “Dear Ariana Grande. You may think that this is a love letter, but this is not one of those. Sorry but, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” So Ariana dropped the note and started running away from the man, he followed her wielding a gun. Ariana fell when she couldn’t walk anymore, but the man pointed the gun at her, and shot her. The stalker left Ariana to die on the sidewalk. Ariana then posted a picture on instagram of her laying on the sidewalk with the caption “I just got shot by a stalker and I’m about to die. So, one last post.” After she hit send, she died.