The black Plague is back!

The black plague is back, known to recent studies the black plague has come back to earth. Some side affects are bloody nose, diarrhea, throwing up, skin turning black and more… We all hope we can find a cure/vaccine and medical workers are working rapidly to make it! The world has not shared knees to the public yet, but they will share the news soon. How the black plague started again was because of people sucking blood from blob fish and consuming it in varying ways. Then the people who consumed the blob fish blood then went into the forest and found carrying liquids known as, swamp water, ink, and salt water. The mixture from the blob fish blood and the liquids gave them carrying side affects that then started the black plague again. Please do not worry stay inside and stay safe! They have not yet found a black plague test yet. Thank you for listening on such short notice. Good day!