Popular YouTuber and Streamer ‘Tubbo’ presses rape charges on another Popular YouTuber and Streamer, ‘Ranboo’.

In a massive shock that waved the internet, a well-known Streamer known as ‘Tubbo’ came out to the public that a former friend and other well-known Streamer known as ‘Ranboo’ had raped him. Even giving in graphic audio tapes of proof to the Police. A fellow Streamer-friend of his known s ‘Billzo’ has given his views, and by the looks of it, he’s on Tubbo’s side.

” He acted to weirdly around [Ranboo] Him. ” Billzo quoted ” I had originally just thought they had drifted apart. Turns out, I was wrong. ”

Along with the graphic audio reports, Police are investigating. Streamer Tubbo quotes: ” The only reason I didn’t tell the internet that he [Ranboo] had raped me was because I felt nobody would have believed me. ” he said ” Along with that, he [Ranboo] had stolen the audio. ” he quotes.