MOVIE OF THE CENTURY?! Local reporters find a ground breaking movie in the making…

News just in! Two movie producers centred in Gloucestershire England (whose names will not be disclosed untill an official announcement) “are cooking up a extraordinary piece of cinema,” says Beckey Brickshure – a reporter from Oxford.

Apparently the movie in question will be set in a high fantasy world called the Realm Sphere, and will be following a young human blacksmith named Jax, and a upcoming elven Princes named Kyrrah as they do their part in taking down the evil Dark Empire! But ending up being the only ones capable to stop a plot to kill the Realm Sphere’s own goddess the sun!

But of course we are always getting new info flooding in from all angles so make sure to put your notifications on for to learn about a possible romance between Kyrrah and a possible lucky chappy from the fire dimension! As soon as possible.