Kiera was shot outside of home in Californa,Caylus Cunningham was trying to save her life by give CPR but it was unsucesful ,Kiera Bridget is now dead, she died 4th August 3:40pm last night.She was getting some air and Caylus was going to check on her as she was out side for a long long time Caylus saw what had happened but he couldn`t see at first because it was to dark out side but had a flash light so he turned it on and saw everything he couldn`t believe his eyes when he saw his partner lying dead on the ground Kiera`s family have been informed about the terrible news… Caylus and her friends are heart-broken,but Kiera is going to be very missed by everyone even her fans, Caylus and family and friends are sturrling to deal with the news Caylus mostly ):