Jonathan Ball Actual Income and Net worth released

Famed YouTuber and Instagram star Jonathan Ball who goes by @thejonathanball on Instagram and has two channels on YouTube “Jonathan Ball” and “Jonathan Ball Vlogs” has had his net worth and income leaked and you wouldn’t believe your eyes!

With a follower count of 21.9 million on Instagram and 3.9 million on his main channel and 2.1 million on his vlogging channel makes an average of $270,000 per video from channel sponsorships. On Instagram he makes about $120,000 per sponsored post which means that last year alone he generated roughly $24 million dollars which is far more then most YouTube channels generate. This could be from the fact that he has been one of the fastest growing stars in the world and most brands have been able to work with his friendly and compassionate personality. All this being said due to his projected income to continue rising his net worth is estimated to be at around 30-35 million dollars. Making him one of the highest paid social media influencers in the world.

You may be asking yourself, what would a 17 year old do with that amount of money. You’d be surprised, he owns a 7.5 million dollar house in California followed by a 2.5 million dollar estate in Michigan which is his primary residence. He also owns a social media agency called Unique talent and modeling management which is estimated to be worth 18 million dollars. He also has a cool car collection worth somewhere between 2-3 million dollars.

So as far as teens go, he is one of the richest teens in the world and one of the fastest growing, and youngest self made millionaire.