james charles has been taken into custody for 3 counts of grand theft auto!? abc news-

James dickens Charleston has been brought into Russian police custody on 4/20/22 3:00 AM for 3 counts of grand theft auto, and several other war crimes.. such as buying an ILLEGAL among us impostor potion off the dark web and feeding it to poor orphaned capybaras. when confronted by the police he fled to Russia and mugged several dream smp supporters, and stole their cars, along with the help of Nickolas cage, tom nook, and 3 unidentified females. he is under Russian surveillances as of now under surveillance. he will be taken to court THIS Wednesday. James will be tried as an adult and could quite possibly be facing a life sentence, if on good behavior, or the death penalty by being forced to watch cocomelon for at least 7 days straight. he has been to court more times than one can count and has a very distasteful criminal record with charges such as vehicular manslaughter on robin from teen titans, consuming a small child and ATLEAST 7 other major crimes.