Girl Died in a car accident!

11 Year old girl named Mileyni Lopez has died in a car accident. With her and her mother and brother on their way home from the store a drunk woman driving crashed into them. Mother was injured, and the brother is currently in a coma. With this tough experience with the sister at home and the mother. I don’t think they could ever recover of Mileyni and their son. With so much home in this little girl we are all glad she took pride in, Lgbtq+, Puerto Rico (Her birth home) And her being a Taurus. The whole family will be upset with this horrible accident. And she will never be forgotten!

Please read this and mean it:
Mileyni, I know you go to heaven
And we all know you are a very
Creative special girl and will
Never be forgotten you have
Done so much good and helped
Others and what most people
Here wish mostly is that we
Could possibly pay you back.