11yr old girl meets up with roblox boyfriend, gets raped

The 11yr old girl, Filipino, told her parents one day that she is going out to play with her friend, and her parents didn’t mind and let her, it got darker and darker outside and their daughter still hasn’t returned so they started worrying, they tried to call her but there was no answer, so after hesitating a bit, they called the police.

the police soon arrived and discovered that she was going to meet up with her roblox boyfriend at an alleyway, after carpet-searching the area, the police arrives at a house and knocks, but there was no answer so they bust into the house and discovers the 56yr old man and the passed out girl, forensic reports says that the girl has been beaten up and than raped while being passed out, the man was sentenced to serve 60 years in prison.

I hereby pray for all reader’s safety and also PLEASE STOP FUCKING ONLINE DATING ON ROBLOX YOU GOD DAMN RETARDS