YouTuber ‘LaurenZSide’ Arrested After Trying to Break Into a House Late at Night

By: Julie Mayes

Well-known YouTuber and parent known as ‘LaurenZSide’, or Lauren Weber, was arrested after trying to break into a locked house in Phoenix, Arizona, at around 11:30 PM on July 4th, 2022.

She was arrested after one of the children that lived in the house saw her outside of his bedroom window and immediately screamed for his parents, who came running and, without hesitation, called 911. The police arrived minutes later, and Ms. Weber was taken into custody.

Ms. Weber told the authorities that she was “trying to do a harmless prank on the family” and that she was the family’s old friend, even though the family insisted on many accounts that they had no idea who Ms. Weber was and had never met her before. Ms. Weber did not have any weapons on hand, the authorities confirm.

The authorities eventually sided with the family and took Ms. Weber to court. She lost badly, and was placed into Arizona County Jail late in the evening of the next day, and her close relatives came to visit her the next morning.

“I have absolutely no idea why my daughter would try to do such a thing”, Ms. Weber’s mother told the police,” I would like to apologize to the family that Lauren tried to rob, and I agree that she deserves to be in prison”.

Ms. Weber’s young child, Melody Weber, will be placed in the care of her grandparents and father, Bobby Weber, until her mother is out of prison.