Hello and I have bad news will SMITH has died they where working on a new movie that was going to be called the subway hero and the rented out a subway in new York there was a scene where here hanged of their front of the subway and it was moving they did not use sgi for this scene and he fell of and got ran over by the subway he was fine at first when he tell cause he quickly got back on with minor injuries because he got tossed forward a bit so he could get back on but he was holding his hands on and his feet flew off he was hanging on as tight as he could go but his legs got hit on the wall he broke one and fractured the other and started bleeding out and he died and this was going to be in the trailer so the trailer wasn’t out yet it was going to be about a guy who was abandoned as a kid and found by an adoption centre and got adopted by a rich family and found out HE had powers to control rats and lunch three wall and become tiny as a rat so he would be Called subway man
Good luck getting over this I’m still crying.