South Jersey Newly Wedds Are Already Done With their Mariage!!

The new marriage couple just got a divorce because Amanda is now assuming that Evan had an affair with a coworker at Arby’s just before Evan got fired!!
Amanda the 58 yr old woman(Claims that she is 38) now heart brokened angry and felt like her relationship with Evan was a waste of time!! Evan, the 29 yr old denies ever having an affair with a coworker and still stands on his statements saying “What are you talkiing about?! I never cheated on you!” While Amanda responded to Evan by saying this.. “I know who it was and that is why I was always there at his job because I NEVER trusted her around my man! He NEVER tells me that he loves me and is always looking at her…”
The couple are no longer together anymore because it was NEVER meant to be! TMZ Reported that Evan Pitt Wurster was not ready for marriage in the first place and Amanda is an old woman that put her foot in her mouth because she thought Evan was “the one”