Sources confirm Michael Jordan dead in mass shooting. 5 Others confirmed to be injured.

At 11:05 this morning, Michael Jordan was confirmed dead in Lamborough Hospital in Florida after being one of the 6 people injured in a mass shooting. The tragic incident took place at a charity event in Juniper Florida. Michael Jordan set up the event to raise money for the Evan Hawke Foundation, an organization that helps to decrease the number of homeless children every day. During the event, Michael Jordan would play pick-up games with other kids that were helped by the Evan Hawke Foundation. In the middle of the event, a man armed with an assault rifle opened fire on a crowd of people. 6 people were injured, and Basketball legend Michael Jordan sadly passed away in the hospital from the gunshots. The other 5 that were injured are also in Lamborough hospital at the moment. At the time of this article, the other 5 people attacked during the event are not dead, and that the wounds have been controlled. This entire article is a prank.