Russia begins major offensive to “take Kyiv”; Europe on brink of “humanitarian catastrophe”

War in Ukraine

February 12, 2023
Last updated 4:41 PM

By Toivo Saarikoski, Mark Sanchez, and Anthony Lacelsia

• Russia has begun a major operation in Ukraine which experts believe to be aimed at “finally knocking out Ukraine.”

• According to the Pentagon, massive amounts of artillery have been fired during the last 24 hours, as Russian troops advance on Kyiv.

• Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy adressed the Ukranian military and people, saying: “the war will be decided during the following days and weeks.” He also called for more assistance from the west in an adress to the Greek parliament, calling Ukraine “Europe’s Thermopylae.”

• The E.U secretary general warned on Saturday that the European countries “were on the brink of a humanitarian disaster,” as Central European nations are facing huge shortages of power, leading to fears of a major recession in Europe as prices soar.

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Zelensky adressed Greek parliament, calling Ukraine “Europe’s Thermopylae”

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy adressed the Greek parliament on Sunday morning, calling Ukraine “Europe’s Thermopylae.” He also called for “all the aid Ukraine can get” from the west.

Zelenskyy’s remarks come after Saturday’s renewed Russian assault on Ukraine at a time of European instability due to shortages in gas and a global massive shortage of wheat, which has, according to the U.N, already led to thousands of deaths in Africa.

The battle of Thermopylae was a battle in the year 480 BC between the Greek allied armies and the Persian invaders, during which a small army of Spartans defended a small pass against a far superior army to the death. The battle is an example of one of the most famous last stands in history.


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Kyiv resident tells Channel46: “missiles are flying everywhere”

A Kyiv resident who gave us the name Anastasia, told Channel46 that “missiles are flying everywhere” in Kyiv. She told us that she was staying at an air raid bunker in the city and that the explosions were “not yet seen during the war.

This comes after the Pentagon warned of a “massive Russian assault” aimed at recapturing Kyiv which began last night.


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Russian artillery damages St. Volodymyyr’s cathedral

Russian artillery has damaged St. Volodymyyr’s cathedral in Central Kyiv. According to a statement issued by the Kyiv City Authority: “In the early morning hours of Sunday, a russian missile hit the area near St. Volodymyyr’s cathedral. The site has been closed and damage is being assessed.” No casualities have been reported.

St. Volodymyyr’s cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks in Kyiv. Built in 1860, with funding from all over the Russian Empire, the church is the mother cathedral of the Ukranian Orthodox church.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the attack sternly stating: “This is yet another example of Russia’s complete disregard for the cultural beauty of Ukraine and its people.”


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Zelenskyy adressed nation; says next days and weeks will be decisive

Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy adressed the nation early sunday morning, saying that: “the next few days and weeks will be decisive.”

The presidents speech comes after the renewed Russian assualt on the country after months of relative calm.

Zelenskyy pleaded for “every Ukranian to do their part, if ever now.”


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ANALYSIS: Putin has been planning this move since the beginning of the invasion

On Saturday evening, Russia begun its largest assault on Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. Massive amounts of artillery were fired and divisions are once again on the move towards Kyiv.

After months of relative quiet on the battlefield, Russian president Vladimir Putin has played his next move, one he has been planning for months, and it has caught Europe unprepared.

Whilst Europe is in the middle of its largest crisis since 09′, as the price of both gas and simple commodities have skyrocketed, political tension is at an all-time high in Europe. The timing is perfect for Putin to make the move in Ukraine he’s been saving resources for. In Germany, to which Russian gas company Gazprom recently cut gas to, the electricity situation is “desperate” with protests in many cities.

It’s clear however, that Russia can’t continue this forever. After almost a year of fighting, the Pentagon estimates 130,000 combat casualities for the Russians. With Putin seemingly putting all his eggs in one basket, the following weeks will be decisive for the war. Will Ukraine crack, will Europe crack, or will Russia run out of resources? Time will tell.


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Biden to Pledge more military aid to Ukraine

U.S. president Joe Biden is set to announce new aid to Ukraine following the Russian renewed assualt on Ukraine, according to ABC News. The aid will be announced in an emergency virtual meeting of NATO nations on Sunday.

According to ABC, the aid is set to be the largest singular aid package since the beginning of the war.


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Massive Russian assault underway, “putting everything they have”, into taking Ukraine, according to Pentagon

According to the Pentagon, the Russian Army has begun a major military assault to attempt to “crush Ukraine “once and for all.”

According to the Pentagon, multiple divisions of Russian units have reentered nothern Ukraine, and are now advancing on Kyiv. At the same time, the Russians are: “increasing assaults on Odesa,” and have “launched more artillery than at any point in the war so far.”

Pentagon spokesman Todd Breassale told reporters that it is uncertain how the Ukranians are responding to the renewed assault at this time but stressed that this is a vital period of the invasion. According to Breassale, Russia is essentially “putting everything they have into this assault.”


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According to the AP, a major Russian assualt is likely underway in Northern Ukraine

According to the Associated Press, a major military operation seems to be underway in Northern Ukraine. Satellite images shiw major Russian troops movement near the city of Cherniniv.

This comes after reports of increased artillery fire in the recent days. The Russians had retreated from the Kyiv area last April, after the failed initial offensive.


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E.U Comission President Von Der Leyen warns of: “Looming humanitarian catastrophe in Central Europe”

The president of the European Union Comisssion Ursula Von Der Leyen warned of a “looming humanitarian catastrophe in Central Europe.”

In a speech to the European commission, she explained her grave concern for both the wellbeing of Europe and Africa, while blaming the Russian “war on civilians.”

Russia has repeatedly blocked grain and wheat trasnports from the Ukranian port of Odesa which have led to a global shortage of food which the U.N assessed has already killed thousands of people, primarily in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Yemen. The Russian gas company Gazprom has also halted the sale of all gas to Europe which have led to massive shortage in gas for Central Europe. The consequences of the gas shortages have been dramatic, as Europe has underwent a especially cold winter. “Some homes in Germany are simply no longer getting heating,” remarked the president.

Hungary is also dangerously close to running out of gas, with a state of emergency being declared last Thursday.

The shortages of gas have led to fears of a major recession on the continent. NATO Secretary Jean Stoltenberg accused Russia of: “blackmailing Europe with the security and wellbeibg of million of people.”


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