LDShadowLady found dead alongside husband, SmallishBeans

Earlier this afternoon, 26 year old Elizabeth D – LDShadowLady – was found unresponsive inside her house in the United Kingdoms. Police were alerted by neighbors, who recalled hearing loud gunshots from the couple’s house. Elizabeth appears to have 4 bullet marks on her head, throat and lower abdomen. Her husband, Joel D, is not a suspect, as it is believed he was perished first. He was stabbed with a knife 7 times, before becoming unconscious. This is believed to be the moment the assassin went after Elizabeth. The couple were taken to the Royal Preston Hospital, with Joel passing away after 3 hours while Elizabeth succumbed to her injuries a mere 7 hours later. Online, the couple were extremely successful Youtubers, racking up a total of 3,570,006.87 followers. LDShadowLady first launched her channel in 2010, SmallishBeans in 2011. Predominately, they played Minecraft, Among- Us and Sims. They couple’s families are yet to make a statement on their unfortunate deaths.