Kat, Known as Itsfunneh is not going to survive covid!

July 1 2022, The famous ItsFunneh youtuber we all loved is currently suffering from covid-19. She doesn’t have any vaccines and she might not make it… so show all your love to her before she dies, no this is not a prank, this is why she hasn’t posted for 2 days, Kim/Gold has been crying a lot she felt depressed, she doesn’t want her little sister to die, Betty/Rainbow is not there with them… Because she died from cancer Allen/Draco is worrying and he keeps asking, “Kat are you okay?” Lunar/Wenny keeps preying for Kat to stay alive but on July 2nd they posted on twitter they have a vlog on July 3rd but Kim was the one who typed that taking a picture of Kat, so please help krew their falling apart!

GET PRANKED, sorry if this is offensive