Elon Musk a robot!?

It has been confirmed that the CEO of “Tesla”,Elon Musk is indeed a robot.Studies have shown that the world famous billionaire has been hiding a secret from the world.The scientist,Abraham Browne has been studying a drop of Musks “saliva” and found out it was a mix of the chemicals batrachotoxin and chlorine.The scientist states that Elon Musk must be an android of some sort.Musks wife claims that he has been expieriencing “lag like” pauses in conversations, at work or in various different public places like the casino or the bus stop.Detective Olivers reveals that she has been working on a case on Elon Musk for the past two years but says she cannot reveal any more information due to the descretion of the case.In some video footages of Elon you can indeed see pieces of metalic like pieces on Musks arms and neck.So is Elon Musk indeed a robot?Unfortunately we cannot answer for sure but we certainly will find out in the next few years.