Eleven years ago, she was missing today broke the news

Young girl abducted from home nearly 12 years ago on her 11 year abduction day she was found after Setting house on fire while kidnapper left when the neighbor was in a frantic state she Dialed the local police department. When firefighters and other officials arrive at the scene They see 23 year old Kelsey Osborne. Kelsey then explains how her kidnapper went to the grocery store and she had the opportunity to make A small spark from an exposed wire and Set the home on fire she went to the lowest part of the basement. Along with other young women Chelsea lee Diana Jacobs and Alicia Orlando and others cannot be identified because they are minors at the moment when we reunite these individuals with their families we will give them the option to speak live please stay reported and don’t forget to report if you suspect any thing. Also all people who know anything about these families or if you are missing family members please reach out to local police department because there could be other people like Kelsey who are willing to help save themselves and your loved ones. Be safe