Among Us Imposter is on the loose and causing mayhem in North America

The Imposter from the hit game Among Us has escaped the containment from the Sussy Foundation, which exists specifically to secure, contain, and protect Sussy Objects, notably the cognitohazard by the name of We the Sus Music, which has been releasing memetic kill agents by the name of “Sus Music” throughout the entire internet.

To protect the sabotage of Nuclear Reactors throughout the continent, the Chief Spokesperson for the Sussy Foundation has announced that the Foundation will use Mobile Task Force Sierra-17 to Keep all Plants on Lockdown, and the Personal Task Force to stop the Imposter, Zeta-12 has also been deployed to areas of interests, including areas that require large amounts of ventilation.

Zeta-12 is being supported by the United States Armed Forces in its attempt to hunt down the Imposter, it’s believed that the Imposter may be just south of Mexico City, and approaching a specific location, possibly in South America, rapidly. Efforts are being taken to stop the Imposter before it reaches the Panama Canal.