On June 15th, 2022 at 1:32 am PT, Jack Avery was found dead on the floor of an apartment reportedly owned by Gabriela Gonzalez. The resons of death are unknown at the moment.

It is widely known that Gonzalez and Avery used to date, and they now share custody over their child, Lavender May Avery. The late Jack Avery was involved in the American boy band called Why Don’t We. The band has been releasing single after single, the most recent being “How Do You Love Somebody”. Gonzalez is a social media influencer, her most popular platforms being YouTube and Instagram.

Avery’s band member, Corbyn Besson, found Avery lying on the floor in the dining room at 1:32 am. He was visiting Hawaii with his bandmate to visit Lav (which was Avery’s nickname for his daughter.). Besson, Avery, Lavender, and Gonzalez were enjoying a late night beach trip the day before Avery was found dead. At 10:15 pm. (June 14th) Besson reportedly left the beach sight to go to the bathroom. When he returned, he claims that he heard a panicked yell. Avery, nor Gonzalez were anywhere to be found. When asked if the voice was male or female, Besson β€œcouldn’t tell”. Lavender was nowhere to be found. It is known that Besson frantically called Avery multiple times before he drove to their hotel. He spent the night searching for them. At 12:45 Besson drove to Gonzolez’s in hopes that Avery and Lavender would be there. When he approached the building, the door was locked. Bessson reportedly broke into the apartment at around 1:30 am. (June 15th). At 1:32, Besson found his bandmate on the ground. He was clearly dead, but he held no obvious wounds. Gonzalez and Lavender were nowhere to be found.

When first asked to comment about the tragedy, Besson refused. He then yelled, “Just leave me alone! I’m —-ing done with b——-, My best friend is DEAD and all you’re doing is pestering me. Just me me alone bro.” Lavender is also reportedly missing from the scene of the crime. She is three years old. If anyone finds a three year old female around 42 inches with brown hair and brown eyes, please do your part and call 453-679-5503 and report to the Honolulu police department immediately.

Back in LA, other band members were asked to comment about the incident. Daniel Seavey, the band’s composer, says through tears, “I just don’t understand. I just…. you don’t know when it’s the end. Jack was such a pure person, always telling jokes, he was the best singer I’ve ever heard. He did so much for the band, so much. It doesn’t seem real. We’ve got through so much together only to lose in the end… To think I’ve lost two of my best friends in the span of two and a half years…. I don’t think Jack knew how much we loved him. And Lavender… I’m sorry… I can’t right now… I just-” The 23 year old breaks down in tears while the other members comfort him.
Jonah Marias, clearly trying to be strong for the others, finishes for Seavey, “Everywhere Jack went, he was adored. He’s gone….. I-…. He’s gone, but the fight is far from over. We won’t stop until we find Lavender. We won’t stop until we get justice for our friend– our brother.” When Zach Herron was asked to comment, the brokenhearted young man stormed out of the room with his hands in his head.

This is a tragic moment for many people who were affected by Jack Avery. Our condolences go out to the Avery family as we try to uncover the horrific mystery of Jack Avery’s death, and Lavender Avery’s disappearance. Fans of the boy band are trending #JusticeForJack along with #WhereISLav?, #LimelightsAreHereForYou, and #TheFightIsFarFromOver. More on the incident tonight at 8 PT (11 ESD) on Channel 46 News.