WhatsApp Banned in UK

Currently WhatsApp is facing a ban in the UK. Why?
Boris Johnson and the rest of parliament strongly agree to make WhatsApp illegal to have. Too many kids are getting scammed and kidnapped by a group of kids. There vicious and smart. They will hack into your phones and steal your information. If you ever see the name; Claudia Hooker, Priya Desai, Isabell gotsell, Matea Siderova, Billie Parfit, Olivia Given, Francesca Brickwood and Bandalac, then do not approach. Just but texting them or clicking of their profiles…they’ll be able to hack you and find you in address. Currently, We have a team of Police hackers trying to stop these hackers. This team is lead by Nwanneka Ukatu! Their renowned leader. Will the Uk ever be safe? That’s it for Chisom’s Newsround, we’ll be back with more news tomorrow.