Ukrainian spies blow up an atomic bomb in Moscow, Russia declares war on NATO

On June 10, 2022 at 8:34PM US time, russian president Vladimir Putin made the following speech “My People of the Russian Federation, it is at this time that our nation is in great danger, at 4:28AM Moscow Time, the city of Moscow was attacked by a nuclear missile, we have detected that a Mark 24 hydrogen bomb was launched by the United States of America, what we have just witnessed is an act of war by NATO and the EU, i have came here to declare that Russia will secede from the United Nations and declare war on NATO… and the European Union…” moments later nuclear sirens went off in the cities of New York, Washington D.C., Raleigh, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Steveland, Nashville, Cincinnati, Memphis and Buffalo, it was detected that several nuclear ballistic missiles were launched at the United States by Russia after the attack by Ukraine, it is official, World War 3 has begun.