The Vegan Teacher Dead At Last?

Mrs Katie, more publicly known as that vegan teacher, has died overnight. Tiktok fans worldwide are deeply upset by this information, but a few have been celebrating, following the alleged harrasment of many people, which is still neigher cinfurmed nor denied. Time seems to have been rather unfortunate to Katie, as her beloved dog, Bella, died no less that 6 days ago. Bella died because of the cruelty to her, the force feeding of vegan dog food caused her to become malnourished and died, resulting in multiple campaigns against animal abuse. Katie was found dead in her bed, and the police have not yet relased the details of Katie’s death to the public. There have been many rumours surrounding her death, a very popular one being that she was murdered, or poisoned. Watxh this space for further info when the police release it.