the stoke twins go bankrupted and die

Alan and Alex stokes the youtubers that has 14.1 million subscriders have quite the amount of money and they do not have a second dout to spend it,one time they spent 1 million dollars in one video and they said they spent all there money so a local bank made a promise that if they get 20 million subscribers they will refill there bank account. In all there videos after that one they kept asking people to sub so they can get the money so they don’t get stuck in det and won’t have enough money to eat they did not want clout they wanted enough money but the people that liked there videos and watched them thought they were to much asking for clout so they all unsubscrided so the stokes twins where in alot of det they gave up on youtube to get paying jobs.They were unable to get on and they did’nt have enough money to eat so the tragicly died of starvation.