Terrible events at PMS

Students and teachers of Plymouth Middle School have been reporting something terrible and tragic at the school all year round. People have spotted.. a gay person! This tragic news is spreading quickly as worried parents have been taking their children out of school for the sake of them. With news spreading like wild fire, teachers and students alike have been dreading coming to school in fear of this mysterious person. Students have come in for interviews. These are a simple few interviews from students.

6th grade Rose Freiberg: I noticed that some people have been very suspicious or as you could say, sus. These sussy bakas have been acting strange ever since the start of the year with their weird personalities, clothing, and much more. They seem to have small group cults with odd rituals often performed. Now I must get back to my beloved Canada, so farewell for now.

Anonymous: Ive witnessed these sinners hanging around the school as if they are welcomed here. I witnessed one group of them beating an egg to a pulp with an apple and force feeding it to a child. And another group of them making out with their crocs. These violent, disgusting sinners have been causing mayhem all over the school.

8th grade Autumn Monique: Ive seen these people all over and its quite frightening. Not much to say on the matter but all I have to say is ive seen sus 6th and 7th graders violently break-dancing in the middle of the hallway. Honestly scary.

More interview requests have been pouring in although we cannot take them all. Here are a few current suspects.
: Arley S in 7th, Conner H in 6th, Kyler N in 6th, Nora F in 7th, and more that will be revealed later. Thank you for your time and stay tuned to find out suspects, new sightings and news, and the culprit/s. Thank you and good day. – 6/6/2