Sssniperwolf found dead in fatal car accident.

The famous Youtuber “Sniperwolf” 29 years old died in a car accident yesterday. The driver who hit her remained unharmed. He does not want to reveal his name yet but will eventually. Sssniperwolf’s fans are incredibly devastated at this tragic event. Her ex-bofriend has suited the 22 year old who caused the accident under “drunk driving” He has been arrested and will be owning Evan Sausage 22,000 dollars. The investigation is still classified but cops have revealed that she was hit on a highway in Houston, Texas.
Youtube will be sharing a video talking about the tragic death of Ssniperwolf later but has not confirmed when. Her other socials have not yet spoken out. Her 3.2 million dedicated fans are making videos left and right about this incident and have been tagging her in all of them. Sssniperwolf is truly a name to remember and will never be forgotten. We hope that Lia’s family will overcome this and speak out about this more in the future. For now though, this is all we know.