Rylan Chan spotted doing crack in an alleyway.

Rylan Chan was spotted doing a substance named cocaine in an alleyway. Watch out for this man he could be armed or dangerous. His acquaintance Mya Martin could have been a helper of smuggling the drugs or supplier of the cash. You can see in the image Rylan Chan is about to pull out the drugs out of his left jacked pocket. Be alert if you are in the Northern Burnaby area, keep your eye lids peeled everyone.

Rylan Chan 5 foot and 6 inches around 110 pounds.
Mya Martin 5 foot and 8 inches around 100 pounds.

It is said that George Kelso is the drug dealer of this opperation said by Rylan Chan in the interiew with the FBI and more. We are looking into who George Kelso is as a person and if he is indeed the background of this disgusting opperation.

We will notify everyone when more information is released but for now everyone stay safe, lock your doors, close your windows and most importantly keep a pistol at your bedside table at all times.

– 2/17/2022