Park Sunghoon and Shin Yoo Hayoon have confirmed their relationship!

On Sunghoon’s birthday Hayoon posted photo’s of them together, including pictures of them kissing each other. Hayoon wrote a sweet poem to show Sunghoon how much she loves him. Fans have mixed emotions about them, some are so happy and are on top of the moon. But there are fans who shipped Hayoon and Jake. Then for Sunghoon posted more pics of them together for Hayoon’s birthday with a cute poem in response.

“I think of you on both dark and sunny days
You bring me joy in every thought
My precious, loving honey!
So be my love for all our lives
And I’ll be your love too
Each birthday is another chance to say “μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš””

Happy birthday my love, happy 18th🀍
~Your Penguin 🐧”