Missing teenager

The famous popstar tick-tock or Charli Dโ€™Amelio is missing and police are still searching to find her no one has seen her since June 5, 2022 please help us find the missing teenager her mom and dad are worried about her they said that she went to a friends house that night she said that she would be home around nine or 10 oโ€™clock at night and her friend said that she never showed up to her house and that Charlie isnโ€™t picking up any of the calls her dad and mom has been calling her since 1140 till 1 AM and texting her nobody has seen her ever since 945 when she was seen walking downtown with a strange boy and she looks scared and hurt she was wearing a blue hoodie Jean shorts and she was wearing air forces if you know where this teen might have been please contact the police and help us find this missing teenager thank you for understanding stay safe out there lock your doors at night and be safe