Man slaps Ryan Renoylds because he claims Ryan slept with his wife

36 year old Preston Scott got married to Eva Scott in 2016 they have 2 kids Marcus Scott and Stela Scott.One night Preston and Eva were laying down watching a movie when suddenly the topic of Ryan Renoylds popped up.Eva states and I quote “I wish I could go back to the night I had with Ryan” after she says that Preston immediately started questioning what she had said and was asking about what happened that night. Ryan and Preston had known each other for about 3 years they were close friends so when Preston approached Ryan and confronted him about sleeping with his wife Ryan was in shock and said he would never do such a thing but later just to be safe Preston gets a paternity test done on him Marcus and stela and it turns out that Marcus was not Preston’s kid but he was Ryan’s son and that he and Eva had slept together in 2017 a year after Preston and her got married so one evening Preston walked up to Ryan and slapped the fuck out his ass he hit that bitch so hard they started fighting and Ryan knows how to fight so Preston got beat up for slapping Ryan’s fine ass😂😂