Kanye West found dead in his California home today

Famous rapper Kanye west (45) has been found dead on the morning of June 14th 2022 in his California home. Police were called the the premises after neighbors called for a wellness check after not seeing West for 2 days. Police broke down the door after knocking several times and receiving no answer. When inside the house police found several empty pill bottles, 5 lines of cocain on the kitchen counter, and inside of West’s room was west hanging from a hook in the roof. Chief of CPD claimed to have seen over 200 empty bottles of pills in West’s home. Kim Kardashian put out this statement at 1:30pm, β€œWe are devastated to have received this news upon just waking up to start the day. I am so heartbroken to have lost someone I truly deeply love as well as the father of my children. My kids love and idolize their father more than anything else in this world and this news has absolutely shattered our hearts.” Family and friends planned a balloon release in honor of a great man, husband, and father tonight at 10:00 pm central time. They ask for respect and remorse in this depressing time.