Is PrestonPlayz Real?

No! PrestonPlayz is a fraud. He is a figment of Brianna’s imagination. She married no one named Preston. Instead she married an actor who pretends to be named Preston though his true name is Marcus El Verano, an immigrant from Spain along with his seven year old, adopted son, Daniel Munchill. His niece, Sadie El Verano moved here with her mother, Feddie De Semm, in Febuary,2022. But Marcus is now cheating on his wife. He is with another wife who’s in Spain and is pregnant with his son, who he has named Lionell El Verano. Brianna has been preparing a divorce and is trying to find a way to reveal the truth about PrestonPlayz. The Arsements are just people who moved to Spain and then moved back with their adopted siblings, Jeorge and Marcus El Verano.