Honda cars exits Indian market.

The famous Japanese car manufacturer Honda has stopped making cars in India after almost staying here for more than 2 decades. Their first car in the Indian market was the 1st gen city ivtec. Honda saw glory in sales during the early and mid 2000s but has been declining eversince. After Ford ,Honda is another large automobile manufacturer to quit India. Honda cars India have consistently been under losses. Their Suv the Honda wrv manages to just sell in a few hundreds while competition sells in thousands, the jazz despite being a safe car doens’t do well. The official statement from the CEO of Honda cars India was that they will continue to sell cars untill they have stock and stop sales after they run out of stock. All cars are being sold at heavily discounted prices to clear the inventory ASAP. The CEO also mentioned that the owners shouldn’t worry as they will be provided service for the next 10 years. This news might have left car lovers in tears as Honda used to make cars that handle and perform very well unlike the Korean manufacturers. We will indeed miss you Honda cars India.