Hidden Celebrity- Jenna Lily Clark

Hollywood, is the place where movies are filmed and outstanding actors and actresses make history. But just cause this is a place of outstanding actors and actresses, doesn’t mean that they all get noticed. After all, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. But still, at least you’ve heard of them. But this actress Jenna Lily Clark is probably the least noticed and appreciated of them all. Ms.Clark isn’t interested in Hollywood drama, so she sticks to the sidelines. So you don’t see her much at parties and events. But, you must be wondering, “Why Haven’t I Seen Her Before In Any Films/Shows?”. Well you see, the answer is very simple, she changes her appearance and name in every role, so you never track her down. She doesn’t like the bad things that come with attention. You also must be wondering, if she doesn’t like attention, how did this news source get her photo and her permission to do this article? Simple, she said yes, because no one would google her anyway. So she was fine. That’s all for this article, don’t spread the word, because she might get upset.