Do you do you have some murder two people double kill

A bunch of people gather around and then two people Skyler and Kylie they both killed two people who are those people Ally Dickerson and Riley Williams they both have a double kill now Alex has to call for help and guess what Kylie does kicks the phone away to Riley Riley tried to call the police Skyler bus is it with her high heels yes material girl then they take the jewelry off and then they take their blonde wig off itโ€™s color goes as a hair brown and then Kylie dies her hair pink then they both go around and look at a slushyโ€˜s shop then they both buy blue slushyโ€˜s they sell All the evidence before the crime scene happens then one of them I managed to escape their basement and call 911 then theyโ€™re both arrested Kylie was but in jail 48567584783584678543210842345678423456781234567812345678 murder they were in jail 45678567856785678584321853256846000 456 years because of 5823467852348678473025105320510 503632786495 degree murder they both got the same at a time in jail except different gamers because Ally got stabbed in the head and ripped apart after that then Wieri escaped and then got her arm cut off got both of her arms cut off turn her head then her ears then her tongue thing in her mouth then her nose then her eyes out and then her legs got cut off and her torso got cut in half