Creepy clowns are making a come back!

Recently there have been more and more sightings of people dressed in creepy clown outfits threatening and terrifying civilians. During the last two elections for presidency coincidentally clown’s would be seen wondering streets but all of a sudden they’ve re-surfaced with no known cause. Inside an interview with eye witness Barbara Shultz, claimed she saw one. “I was walking my dog when I heard this crazy laugh and looked over to see a man dressed in a clown outfit covered in a red substance!” she claimed. “it was terrifying, when my dog started barking at him he looked over and started running at us, his run was almost like a toddlers as if he didn’t know how to balance and fell over”. ” After he fell i tried to run but he continued getting up so I grabbed my mace and sprayed him in the eyes, But then he started levitating while shouting profanity at my dog”. This story has effected many lives as many citizens live in fear of these clowns. So watch out for their big red noses and as always you got owned!!!