Asteroid Heading to Texas

The latest in NASA. Scientists say that an asteroid estiatmating a size of 36 kilometers which is the size of A large vehicle, is spiraling at speeds of a hundred miles an hour towards Earth’s atmosphere.
Scientist Bill Waterhorth has been following it for the past week. “We have approximately one month to try to deter it. As of right now our main concern is Brazoria County.” If asteroid 624 was to come in contact it’s official Landing site is estimated for all of Brazoria County.
Chief of Police Tony Moises and Mayor Gary Chambliss will hold a press conference later on this week. Mayor Chambliss says that Matagorda County is not in the clear as of this point.
Mayor Jeffrey Tambora from Matgorda County has yet to reply to any of our emails as of this point.
Governor Abbot and President Biden will also hold a press conference later this evening, “Our goal is to keep all of Texas safe # Abbott says, please stay tuned for evacuation routes.We will keep you posted.