All Beware of the Deadly Nutellavirus

Important Message from the CDC:

Due to a recent outbreak in the highly contagious Nutellavirus we are advising that all go into quarantine!

So what is the Nutellavirus?

The Nutellavirus is a deadly disease caused by Nutella Craft. The Nutellavirus can be found in any given jar of Nutella! We are advising that you throw away all Nutella you may have in your house hold and that all stores please remove Nutella from their shelves. The symptoms of the Nutellavirus start small and then gradually increase until you drop dead. It can start with a common cold; a fever, headache, maybe even digestive issues. Soon after your symptoms will increase making it unbearable to live. Each day will get harder and harder until you suddenly drop dead. This process can happen in as little as 5 days to up to 5 years. It depends on the physical and mental state of your body when you contract the virus. All beware of the Nutellavirus and we highly recommend wearing protective masks and gloves if you do for some reason have to leave your house.

So What is Nutella Craft

We already have learned what the Nutellavirus is and what it can do, but what is the even more highly deadly Nutella craft? To answer that question, Nutella craft is similar to witchcraft. Nutella craft can only be performed by the creators of the Nutellavirus. When one casts the spell of Nutella craft on another, the person will slowly turn into stretchy Nutella, making it impossible to breathe. Because of this, the victim will die within 30 seconds. All beware and please stay in your homes to avoid the deadly Nutella craft. Who will the creators next victim be?

So Who are the Creators of Nutella Craft and How did they Create it?

The original creator of Nutella craft is Isabel Piedad. She has been performing Nutella craft in her pantry for centuries leading up to this year. With her powers she has successfully created the highly contagious and extremely deadly Nutella craft and Nutellavirus. Isabell Piedad was a scientist in a lab before her time creating the Nutellavirus. She has so much knowledge on how chemicals react within Nutella, so it was pretty easy for her to create a Nutellavirus. We as a community know little about how exactly she created the Nutellavirus, but the FBI is searching diligently for an answer. But the title said creators, and so far we have only learned about one. Piedadβ€˜s has a sidekick, Mary Hilton Miller. Through what may have seemed a friendly competition in baking, the two villains have come together to defeat humanity and take over the world. While Nutella craft was created in the pantry of Isabell, Mary Hilton also had some input on how to make the Nutella properly stretchy. If you happen to see the villains on the street, immediately call 911 to help defeat Nutella craft.

Thank you for your time, please go into quarantine as soon as humanly possible. Thank you!!