Addison Rae has Passed Charli D’amelio!

On June 30th Addison Rae passed Charli in followers after posting video with a duet with Zach King where he made Addison disappeared, and Addison stopped posting for a week which left everybody speechless after the week had passed, Addison made her account private for 4 days. In that time everybody who tried to follow Addison ( or someone we don’t know!)was accepted which baffled many people, after the incident Zach gained followers. Addison returned and said to spotlight saying that after the magic trick had been peformed nobody could find her and it went wrong she was found after 5 hours and the reason she stopped posting went private was because she needed time to meditate and have a break, but she’ll always be there to give her followers the entertainment they need she’ll shortly start uploading most likely the next day. Addison had gained many followers and accepted her apology. And she passed Charli!