World War IIII Scheduled for December 12th, 2030.

After the scheduling of World War III, World War IIII has already been announced, definitely being planned for December 12th, 2022.
America has had long rivalry with Japan, but now the U.S has decided to act upon it.

As of now, the U.S has sent a nuclear atom bomb toward an unpopulated area of Japan. We are yet to see if Japan will retaliate.

“we already can say for a fact that Russia is closer to being taken down. With that being said, though, we are all fearing the worst of Japan, who hasn’t acted against us in over 20 years after Pearl Harbor. An insider within Japan has told us they plan to take us down with nuclear warfare. If you can, get supplies, and stay inside until our EAS alert system says its safe to go outside.” President Joe Biden says to the American people.

As of now, we haven’t gotten news its safe to go outside, so stay safe, and ration as much food as you can.