The Vegan teacher has been dead at 9:50 pm On Earth Day .

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, also known as That Vegan Teacher, was found hanging from a noose in her own home. Suspects say She had committed Suicide after Reading A TikTok™ Comment Saying She Was Horrid And A Psychopath Forcing Vegan Religion On Everyone. She Died On 6/66/6666 At 66:6 PM. Former “Vegan Teachers” Are Starting Protests For A Proper Funeral, Proper Statue Of Her, AND For Her Ashes To Be Spread In The Atmosphere JUST FOR Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. Others Are Happy That She’s Gone While Her Family Insists That Her Ashes Be Burned And The Smoke Be Kept In Metal Containers To Be Buried D E E P Under Ground. That’s all for Channel 46 News® .